Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Walking Dead Gets Four More Novels

The Walking Dead franchise is expanding again with another four novel series.  Thomas Dunne Books/ St. Martin's Press have picked up the new series written by Jay Bonansinga and Robert Kirkman, the same dual that wrote the previous four novel series for The Walking Dead.  The first book in the series will be released on October 14, 2014 and is titled Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead: Descent.  According to Entertainment Weekly, who got their hands on a copy of the first novel the book follows the story of Lilly Caul a character from the original comic book.  Caul is also a central character in the earlier novel A Road to Woodbury.  The first novel in the series will be the story of Caul as she returns to Woodbury after the Governor's failed assault at the prison, and her attempt to rebuild the town.

The TV series wrapped up its fourth season in March and has been officially renewed for another season starting in September.  Fans of The Walking Dead wont have to wait much longer for more flash eating zombies.  The presence of Lilly Caul in the new novel brings some weight to the theory her character is reappearing in the next comic book and is the woman portrayed on the cover of the upcoming issues.    

Apparently we still just can't get enough zombies and the books should be a great addition to the series.  Both of the book authors have expressed excitement for the upcoming works and agree there is still a lot left in The Walking Dead universe.  Its unlikely the series will end anytime soon.  More information will come as it gets closer to October 2014.  In the meantime enjoy the cover design as revealed originally from Entertainment Weekly.

Robert Kirkman certainly has a lot on his plate in the next year as he writes the comic books, which will be releasing Issue #126 shortly, he is an executive producer for AMC's TV series.  Season five will be entering production and co-writing and producing the spin-off series which will air on AMC in 2015.  So much to look forward to.  The Walking Dead empire is fully milking the extent of its potential, now having expanded to include eight novels, over a hundred comics, a TV series, a spin off TV series, webisodes that have slight ties to the TV series and video games.  Robert Kirkman certainly knows how to capitalize on a good thing but is there a thing as too much?   

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